Product Service Commitment

Ultra-long warranty period:

ANRY is a branded company that is specialized in the vibration monitoring and protection products for large-scale rotating machinery (turbo-generator, hydro-generator, draught fan, pump, coal mill, etc.). Our products are high-quality, reliable and satisfactory, and enjoy ultra-long warranty (36 months).

Perfect commitment to pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales services:

Pre-sale: According to the user's request, provide a sound technical program;

In-sale: Timely answer all questions raised by the customers, discuss the technical solutions, select the best one, and determine the final technical program and the scope of supply;

After-sale: Conduct technical exchange and training related to the product, and provide the technical guidance for the on-site installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Commitment to fast-resolution service

Order: Deal with it within 24 hours;

Technology consulting: Resolve it within 24 hours;

On-site installation & commissioning technical services: Respond to it within 24 hours.

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