Monitor system

1. Overview

AN5800 system has RS485 serial communication interface and allows Modbus communication. It is fully digitalized and adopts multi-redundancy design for signal processing and power, with high reliability and strong ability of resisting disturbance. It provides different functions available for selection depending on user’s need when delivered, and is configured by CFG configuration software.


AN5800-CFG system configuration software can be used to perform the following functions:

Upload and display the configuration information of all function modules of the system

Display the real time data information collected by AN5800 system in list, bar and waveform graph for user to monitor the units.

Adopt the Mod-bus communication protocol conforming to international standard, support RS485 site bus-based serial communication

Adopt windowed user interface, which is easy for user to handle and comprehend system configuration and how to use the software.

3.  Description of main function

Module configuration

Alarm latching;

Alarm bypass;

Alarm reset.

Channel configuration

Alarm setup (positive alarm, negative alarm);

Protection setup (positive protection, negative protection);

Full scale setup (positive full scale, negative full scale);

System calibration.

Test report

Real time value report monitoring;

Real time value bar graph monitoring;

History waveform graph;

Alarm event;

Channel utilization list.

4. Operating environment of AN5800-CFG

Operating system: Windows XP SP2, Window 2000 or higher;

CPU:1GHz above;

Memory:512MB above;

Hard disc:20G above;


Graphics card:VGA, screen resolution 1280*768 above (1280*1024 recommended), color quality 32 bits.

5. Ordering information

Standard Configuration Model: AN5800-CFG- AXX

A: Communication cable and converter:

00:RS485-USB communication cable and converter

01:RS485-RS232 communication cable and converter

02:RS485-USB and RS485-RS232 communication cable and converter


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