1. Overview

AN1910 magneto-resistive speed sensor adopts high sensitivity magneto -resistive elements and is embedded with magnetic sensitive elements to implement non-contact speed measurement. As the measured object moves, the sensor outputs square wave level signals that change with rotational frequency ratio.  The two-channel sensor outputs two-channel square wave (TTL level) signals with a phase difference, based on which the running direction of equipment can be determined.

2. Functions

The object of measurement is a rotary ferromagnetic material body, including gears, racks, cams and special male and female faces;

Square wave pulse (TTL level) signals are output, which change with the clearance of magnetic conductive material and magnetic material (fluted disc and key slot, etc.);

The sensor applies to precision measurement of speed (positive and negative operation).

3. Features

Non-contact measurement; the installation clearance is larger than that of common magneto-electric speed sensors and eddy-current sensors (0-5mm);

Embedded with high-sensitive magneto-resistive elements, through which square wave signals are output directly, and high immunity from environmental disturbance is realized;

Short-circuit protection and polarity protection;

Fully sealed structural design; capable of working under water and oil.

4. Application

Speed measurement of various large rotary machines (steam turbines, fans, pumps, compressors, centrifugal machines, and water turbines, etc).

5. Technical Specifications

Frequency range:

Single channel: 0 ~ 30KHz 

Double channel: 0 ~ 10KHz

Output signal:

 Appropriate to TTL level signals; high-level voltage is similar to supply voltage (VT), while low level is not greater than 0.3V.

Power supply:

Voltage: 5 ~ 28VDC (recommended: 12VDC);

Power consumption: ≤10mA.

Physical property:

Mounting thread:

Single channel: M10×1  

Double channel: M16×1 (customizable);

Bearing length:

Single channel: 50mm  

Double channel: 75mm (customizable);

Installation clearance: 

Single channel: 1.5mm;

Double channel: 2.5mm;

Weight: 100g (excluding cables and lengthened type).

Outlet method:

Single channel: Direct outlet, 3-core (power supply, common and signal terminals);

Double channel: 4-core aviation plug output (power supply, common, signal A and signal B terminals).

Environmental restrictions:

Temperature: -40℃ ~ +75℃ (- 40oF ~ +167 oF)

Can work under oil and water.

Executive standards

The United States Petroleum Association Standard: API 670

Safety certificate: CE;

Protection level: IP65;

Explosive-proof grade: ATEX: Ⅱ2G ExdⅡCT4/BT4 

Anti-electromagnetic interference: EMC/LVD

Refer to EN55011\ EN 61010\ EN50081\EN50082.

6. Ordering information

   AN1912--Double channel, metric M16X1 mounting threads;

   AN1911--Single channel, metric M10X1 mounting threads, direct outlet;

     AN1911- AXX-BXX-CXX-DXX-00-FXX


Standard model:

     Single channel: AN1911--05-05-05-00-00-00

     Double channel: AN1912--05-07-05-01-01-00

A: Unthreaded length:


Increased by 5mm (0.1in) on order;

Maximum unthreaded length is 20mm/0.8in less than probe bearing;

Minimum unthreaded length is 0mm; maximum unthreaded length: 200mm (8in).

B: Threaded bearing length:



Overall bearing length is increased by 5mm/0.1in;

Overall bearing length is 250mm/10in maximally, and 25mm/1in minimally.

C: Cable length




D: Outlet method:

00--Direct outlet

01--Aviation plug outlet

E: Armoured



F: Environmental restrictions

00--No requirement

01--Anti-hazard ATEX: Ⅱ1 G Exia ⅡC T4

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