Monitor system

1. Overview

AN5800/99 system rack is the standard 19″or 14″ width and 6U height design, with 10 or 7 slots, capable of containing 9 or 6 standard function modules and 1 power module. It is designed in a way that the mother panel could be placed in the middle in order for the front and back panels to be inserted against each other into the mother panel and transmit power and data information through it.

2.  Function

Provide slot for all function modules and power module;

Communication bus mother panel.

3.  Features

Material: aluminium magnesium alloy material, good quality of heat dispersion and strong ability resisting electromagnetic radiation;

Technology: electrostatic spraying technology is applied to the bearing to prevent scratches;

Shell color: White or black (grit) Oxidation drawing process

Design: module connector adopts redundancy design (usually connected in parallel when there are more than two pins) to ensure the reliability of interconnecting;

Compatibility: function module, with its good expansibility, could be freely inserted into the provided 9 or 6 slots. It is required to use the front and back plug board according to their different roles.

4. Description of module

An AN5800/99 system rack has a built-in mother panel, providing all function modules with the slots on front and back panels, which are inserted against each other into the slot of mother panel. The mother panel, as the passageway for signal, power supply and communication bus, provides 9 (6) 8TE (40mm) wide slots for function module slot and 1 12TE (60mm) wide slot for power module

5.  Technical standards

Physical property:

Method of installation: tap the plate, fix the screw on panel:

Outline size:(width*height*depth)

482mm*266mm*360mm 19in*10.5in*14.2in

Tapping size:(width*height)

448mm*266mm   17.6in*10.5in

Fixed installation size:(width*height)

465mm*190mm    18.3in*7.5in

Method of installation: fixed panel(4 M6 screws)

Weight: 5.5Kg(not including function module)

Environmental restriction

Operating temperature: -30℃ ~ +65℃ (-22oF ~ +150 oF);

Storage temperature: -40℃ ~ +85℃ (-40oF ~ +180 oF);

Relative humidity: 0 ~ 95% (non-condensing).

Executive standards

The United States Petroleum Association Standard: API 670

Safety certificate: CE;

Protection level: IP56;

Anti-electromagnetic interference: EMC/LVD

Refer to EN55011\ EN 61010\ EN50081\EN50082.


6. Ordering information

Standard Configuration Model: AN5800/99- AXX-B00-C00

19″ full rack: AN5800/99-00-00-00

14″ full rack: AN5800/99-01-00-00

A: Channel number selection

00—19″,10 slots(9+1)

01—14″,7 slots(6+1)

Note: 19″ case: 84TE,8TE/per function mode, 12TE/per power module

1TE=0.2″= 5.08mm

B: Number of front blind plate (added)


XX—N (the option here indicates the number)

C: Number of back blind plate (added)


XX—N (the option here indicates the number)



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