1. Overview

AN1930 vibration velocity Sensor is a inertial Sensor used to convert vibration signal into electric signal by magneto-electric induction principle. It is mainly composed of magnetic circuit system, inertial mass and spring damper. The Sensor housing is equipped with a magnet inside in a rigid manner, and inertial mass (coil block) is hung on the housing with spring element. In case of vibration within the working frequency range of the Sensor, coils and magnets make relative movement to cut magnetic lines and to produce induced voltage inside the coils, and the voltage is directly proportional to the vibration velocity.

2. Functions

The measured object is housing vibration of rotating machinery bearing seat in vertical and horizontal, directions (housing/bearing vibration);

Output signal is directly proportional to vibration velocity, and application fields of high frequency, intermediate frequency and low frequency can be taken into account;

3. Characteristics

Built-in high-performance components ensure the stability of output signal in long-term use and strong environmental disturbance resistance;

Power supply is not required, which is more applicable for use in severe environment with smoke, oil & gas, dust, etc. Waterproof type can be installed in the open air.

4. Application

Monitoring of housing vibration of various large rotating machinery (steam turbine, fan, pump, compressor, centrifugal machine, hydraulic turbine, etc.)

5. Technical Specifications

Measurement range:

Max. measurable displacement: 2000μm (Pk - Pk) (0~-3dB)

Frequency range Standard type: 10~1000hz; low frequency type: 5~1000hz

Installation direction:

fixed surface of Sensor in a lower place (0°)

5Hz vertical type: 0°±2.5°;

5Hz horizontal type: 90°±2.5°;

10Hz general type: 0°±100°;

Output sensitivity:

20m V/mm /S ±5%;(500mV/in/sec±5%)Test at the frequency of 80Hz and the velocity of 10mm/s; 300m (1000 feet) field wiring.

Electrical characteristics:

Output DC resistance: ≤1KΩ

Insulation resistance: ≥2MΩ

Output non-linearity: ≤3%

Transverse sensitivity ratio: ≤5%

Signal output:

Two-pin aviation plug: 1# pin (red), 2# pin (white)

Physical characteristics:

Overall dimension: Ф1.6in ×4 in Ф41×102mm

Weight: 500g (excluding cable)

Environmental limitations:

Service temperature: -30℃~+120℃ (-22oF~+248 oF)

Humidity: 0 ~ 95% (non-condensing) ,dust and moisture prevention.

Reference standards

Executive standards

The United States Petroleum Association Standard: API 670

Safety certificate: CE;

Protection level: IP65;

Explosive-proof grade: ATEX: Ⅱ2G ExdⅡCT4/BT4 

Anti-electromagnetic interference: EMC/LVD

Refer to EN55011\ EN 61010\ EN50081\EN50082.

6. Ordering information

General type: general installation; aviation plug goes out from top or side


5Hz vertical type: vertical installation; aviation plug goes out from top

AN1930- AXX-BXX- CXX -01-00- -FXX

5Hz horizontal type: horizontal installation; aviation plug goes out from side

AN1930- AXX-BXX- CXX- 02-01 -FXX

Standard model:

General type: AN1930 - 00-05-01-00-00-00

Vertical type: AN1930 - 00-05-01-01-00-00

Horizontal type: AN1930 - 00-05-01-02-01-00

A: Spec. of mounting thread:

00 - M10×1 stud

02 - 1/4″-28UNF stud

XX - other

B: Cable length:

00 - 0m (no cable)


XX - other

C: Cable armoring

00 – Unarmored cable

01 –Armored cable

D: Installation direction and minimum working frequency

00 - General type: 0°±100°/10Hz

01 - Vertical type: 0°±2.5°/5Hz

02 - Horizontal type: 90°±2.5°/5Hz

E: Aviation plug outgoing line

00 - out from top

01 - out from side

F: environmental limitations

00 - no requirement

01 - ATEX: Ⅱ1 G ExiaⅡC T4

Ordering accessories:

AN1930A: retaining screw: 1/4-28UNC to M10×1

AN1930B: retaining screw: 1/4-28UNC to M6

AN1930C-XX: unarmored cable of a few meters

AN1930D-XX: armored cable of a few meters

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