1. Overview

AN1931 vibration sensor is an inertia sensor, which converts vibration signals into electric signals based on magneto-electric induction principles. It is mainly composed of magnetic circuit system, inertia mass and spring damper. A magnet is rigidly fixed in the sensor bearing; the inertia mass (coil block) is suspended on the bearing by a spring element. When vibration is produced, the coil and magnet move relatively within the operating frequency range of the sensor; the magnetic line of force is cut, and induced voltage is generated within the coil; voltage value is in direct proportion to vibration velocity or displacement value.

2. Functions

The object of measurement includes vertical and horizontal (X/Y/Z) vibration (bearing vibration) of bearing pedestal or rack of a rotary machine;

The output signals are in direct proportion to vibration velocity or displacement; the sensor applies to the field of ultralow frequency vibration measurement.

3. Features

Embedded with high-performance elements, and stable for long-term use of output signals, and high in immunity from environmental disturbance;


4. Application

Mainly applies to vibration measurement of water turbine sets, pump stations, low speed operating machines (mills), and engineering construction (dams and bridges).

5. Technical Data

Range limit:

Frequency range: 0.5 ~ 100Hz (-3dB).

Installation direction:

(0°: sensor clamping surface is beneath)

Horizontal: 90°±2.5  

Vertical: 0°±2.5°.

Output sensitivity:

Velocity type: 300m V/mm/S (7.5V/in/s) ±5%

Displacement type: 7.87mV/μm (200mV/in/s) ±5%

Electrical characteristic:

Power supply: -24VDC/+24VDC;

Output degree of nonlinearity: ≤3%.

Signal output:

Aviation plug: 1: power supply, 2: common, and 3: signal;

Direct outlet: 3-core shielded cable.

Physical property:

Outline dimension: Ф44×140mm;

Way of installation: Base plate installation, fixed by two M5 bolts, with a space of 56mm;

Weight: 700g (excluding cables).

Environmental restrictions:

Operating temperature: -30℃ ~ +120℃ (-22oF ~ +248 oF);

Humidity: 0 ~ 95%, (non-condensing).

Executive standards

The United States Petroleum Association Standard: API 670

Safety certificate: CE;

Protection level: IP65;

Explosive-proof grade: ATEX: Ⅱ2G ExdⅡCT4/BT4 

Anti-electromagnetic interference: EMC/LVD

Refer to EN55011\ EN 61010\ EN50081\EN50082.

6. Ordering information


Standard model:

Displacement type horizontal: AN1931--05-00-01-00-00

Displacement type vertical: AN1931--05-00-00-00-00

Velocity d type horizontal: AN1931--05-01-01-00-00

Velocity type vertical: AN1931--05-01-00-00-00

A: Cable length:




B: Output form:

00--Displacement type: 7.87mV/μm (200mV/in/s)

01-- Velocity type: 300mV V/mm/S (7.5V/in/s)

C: Way of installation:

00--Vertical installation

01--Horizontal installation

D: Power supply:

00-- -24VDC

01-- +24VDC

E: Outlet method:

00--Direct outlet (waterproof type)

01--Aviation plug:


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